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OES Star Visualized E-Book (PDF)

OES Star Visualized E-Book (PDF)

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E-book PDF available for download.

Can be viewed on any handheld smart device. 

35 pages.

The Order of the Eastern Star traditions have persisted since ancient times. It has survived through multiple forms of medium unto this era where information on its history can be found not only in paper books but as a digital resource through the internet. At this point in time much has been written about the splendid Order of the Eastern Star. Where it seems to be lacking is powerful imagery to accompany this information. It is no doubt we now live in a world that is ruled by visuals. It is important for those who choose this undertaking to not only have accurate information but powerful relevant visuals to accompany it. This book will have imagery littered through out to help the reader form a picture in their mind when it comes to reading information about the organization. An explanation of the purposes of the Order are included, making clear the high aims and principles which are responsible for its flourishment. Explanations of the five heroines that represent the star points along with graphic representation of them and their symbols will be included. A work as noble as that of the Order of the Eastern Star must continue to be shared and its rich history and tradition further illuminated. Therefore, in the spirit of appreciation we offer this new and modern representation of an Order rich in tradition.

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